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Nashville has a problem. A DA problem.

On January 15, 2014, Torry Johnson announced he would retire as Nashville’s District Attorney. Johnson served as the DA for Davidson County for nearly 28 years. During a recorded retirement statement, he formally endorsed then Assistant DA Rob McGuire as the person he wanted to see elected to fill the position of DA. In the video embedded in the link above, Johnson says he “(didn’t) know if anyone else would get in the race” and then reiterates his support for Rob McGuire.

Well, someone else did get into that race for DA, and that other person ended up winning. Glenn Funk.

Mr. Funk has been under some scrutiny in the news over the past month. You may have seen or heard something about it, but if you haven’t, don’t be surprised. The coverage hasn’t been non-stop, and the cause for his newsworthiness is not a simple matter. Even so, it should be regarded a matter of great consequence to the citizens of Davidson County.

It is at this point in the story the people of Davidson County should thank God for Phil Williams. The reason Mr. Funk finds himself in this position is that upon being elected to succeed DA Johnson, he was given a “favor” in order to earn additional pension funds. This deal was discovered by News Channel 5 reporter Phil Williams and brought to light in a series of articles beginning with this one on February 9, 2015. I’ll attempt to link all of them here.

Despite the statements made in the past few days by Mr. Funk, this is not something we should brush aside. The role of District Attorney General is very simple; The DAG and his or her staff prosecute all criminal cases on behalf of the citizens of the State of Tennessee. This is a big deal. This person represents the city/county in all criminal matters in one way or another. The DAG is elected and holds the position for an eight-year term. This is a serious job.

You can see Mr. Funk here, given the title of “Honorable.” We’ll see about that.  Read More…


An open letter to Joe Wiley, round II

President Wiley, (and others) –

The 2014 FHU Benefit Dinner is rapidly approaching. As FHU nears this critical fundraising event, I am writing to ask that you make a change to the planned keynote speaker for the event.

Like many children born in the 1980’s, I am no stranger to Bill Cosby or his family-friendly comedy. However, as of late, the allegations surfacing (once again) against him make it imperative that FHU move away from this complete disaster.

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Election Night in DC – between 10-11pm EST

Well…. there it is.

Sad Trumpet…. waaaaa waaaa waaaaaaaaaaa

Election Night in DC – Between 9-10pm est

9PM – Big calls for states across the board

  • Obama wins MI and NY. No shock here, though a win in MI would have been a big swing for Romney. He now has the following: IL, MI, NY, ME, VT, DE, MA, CT, RI, NJ, MD, DC
  • Romney is now holding TX, NE, OK, KS, SD, ND, WY, LA, AR, TN, MS, AL, GA, SC, KY, WV

So, at 9pm – 123 Obama to 152 Romney. However, this will change a great deal soon. CA will go Obama, as will OR, WA.

9:30 Florida is close, and there are still a lot of votes to be counted in key areas. PA has been called for Obama, which is no shock other than that Romney invested a lot of money there at the end.

10:00 – calling it at this point for Obama.

Election Night in DC – between 8-9pm EST

At 8pm sharp, polls closed Alabama, Connecticut, Delaware, DC, Florida, Illinois, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Missouri, New Hampshire, New Jersey*, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and Tennessee. This is a big stretch, and it doesn’t include the swings of North Carolina, Florida (EST), or Ohio.

At 8:05, news networks began calling more states:

  • Romney wins Indiana, Kentucky, Georgia, South Carolina, West Virginia, Alabama
  • Obama wins Vermont, Maine, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Illinois, Rhode Island, Deleware, Maryland, and DC

None of these are surprising. Still, no calls in OH, NC, PA, FL or VA.

8:15: Still no news in FL/OH/VA/NC, though polls are leaning in Romney’s favor in all but Ohio. If Ohio goes to Obama, it is very tough to envision a Romney victory.

Seeing losses in FL and CT for GOP Senate seat hopefuls, but those aren’t huge shockers. I would say I’m shocked to see Mack lose badly in FL, but who knows. This election is so weird.

8:45: Arkansas goes Romney via CNN, though not a surprise. Lots of calls coming in the next post…

The 2012 Vice-Presidential Debate – Domestic and Foreign Policy

Last night, Vice-President Joe Biden and Congressman Paul Ryan met in the only scheduled debate between the the two men in the 2012 campaign for the White House. The debate was hosted by Centre College in Danville, Kentucky. Martha Raddatz of ABC News was the moderator for the night, and I believe she was one of the highlights from a generally ok evening. If you want, you can read the entire debate transcript here or you can watch the entire debate here.

*Please note that I didn’t check every quote because this is a blog, and I don’t care that much. I tried to capture the essences of what these men were saying. You can check me or read/watch it yourself.*

One week ago, President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney met in the first of their three planned debates (read my post on that here). The newsmedia across the board said that Romney won that debate, but I believe that is partially due to President Obama actively losing it. He under-performed far beyond my own expectations, so I’m hesitant to call it a real win (kinda like the best football team losing a game when the QB goes down on the first play of the game). This debate among VP candidates had the potential to be the counter-punch to what happened last week for the Democratic ticket.

For a bit more context – Biden and Ryan are both DC men to the core, so this debate looked to be very policy-heavy, with lots of rhetoric and lots of claims of misrepresentation of positions and plans. Pundits had been saying for days that Ryan needed to perform well, and that a “debate win” for Ryan would be more valuable to the Romney campaign than a Biden “debate win” would be for President Obama.

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Academy Awards 2012 post-mortem

I forgot this hadn’t been posted yet.

I really enjoyed the Oscars this year. Billy Crystal was fine. Poking fun at rich people giving one another awards is a quick way to win over the people going to see those movies and making those folks rich. Most every award made sense (Cinematography did not).

All told, it was a good show.

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