Be the NashvilleNext Mayor!

The NashvilleNext movement is moving forward, and there is a new way to get involved. And it’s happening right now.

Here’s a note from the folks running the show about the events happening this week through the end of the month.

Community input at public meetings around the city this month will help decide what our city should focus on as we create a plan for Metro Nashville’s future. Conversations in South Nashville and Madison this week have gotten the process started – join us at one or more of the events listed below and share what you would do if you were the “NashvilleNext Mayor.”

Childcare and snacks are provided!


Please consider attending one of these events if you can. It’s a great opportunity for Nashvillians to get involved, assuming you want to or care about  the future of our fair city.

Seriously though, give it a thought! I’m planning to try and hit the Thursday event this week.


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One response to “Be the NashvilleNext Mayor!”

  1. Grace says :

    How exactly is this data culmination being used? By whom? Is it being shared with State parties? Election Commission? How would candidates access it? How is it being utilized that contributing citizens might actually feel that its being used to move Nashville forward?

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