“Nashville loves Nashville”… or does it?

The City of Nashville commissioned a survey of Nashvillians, asking them their opinion on how the city was doing. This “Issues Survey” is a part of the NashvilleNEXT initiative that endeavors to help prepare for the next 25 years for our growing mini-metropolis.

The results can be found here. I’d love to hear your thoughts on what was included, excluded, what you would want to see more detail on, and any other questions you have. I’m a huge nerd for the data, so I already have a few in mind, but I wanted to hear from other Nashvillians to see what they thought about the results of this survey. There are some really interesting results in this data.

Play along with me and let’s talk about what this says about our fair city, “it-city” status aside. Here are a few initial questions you might consider asking of yourself:

  1. Do the results accurately reflect the Nashville I live in? If so, why? If not, why?
  2. Which category results surprised you most? Which category fit right into your thoughts about where Nashville is?
  3. If you could break down the data (or “drill-down”) somehow, how would you want to see it (Age, Gender, Race, Income, Zip/Neighborhood, etc.)?
  4. Which question is missing from the survey? Is there an issue that was ignored?

Update: 4/10/2013

Here are some additional background reports on issues affecting Nashville, including Poverty, Homelessness, Children/Youth, Education, and much more.


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