How can we love Nashville?

In my last post about Nashville, I lamented the designation of our capital city as “Nowville.”

The NashvilleNext project is moving forward, and if you care about Nashville you should make an effort to be part of the process for determining the direction our city will take over the next twenty-five years.

Although twenty-five years might seem like a long time from now, it will be here before we know it. I’d like to see Nashville (and the State of Tennessee) prepared to handle the numerous challenges of a thriving metro area. Issues like how we handle traffic, how we improve education, how we reduce crime, how we manage immigration, how we inspire more/better jobs, how we continue to responsibly grow our economy, how we encourage smart community development, and much more must be addressed.

One of my favorite Nashville places is the 12th Avenue South area, or 12South. Over the past few months, business owners (especially Frothy Monkey) in the area have taken to tweeting about life in in 12South, occasionally highlighting the better moments with a twitter hashtag #12SouthLove.

It’s time to start Loving Nashville, not just as sections of the city, but as one big community. Sign up at the NashvilleNEXT website and become part of the conversation. Let the people who are leading this effort know what you love about Nashville. It can be anything from having tons of concert venues to tailgating Titans games. It can be watching the crazies in section 303 at Preds games or enjoying the monthly downtown Art Crawl. Let them know what you believe will make Nashville a better place for families, for businesses, for community, for faith, or any other category.

You have a voice. You probably have an opinion, too. There’s no time like the present to get involved.


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