The 2012 Recap

This past year was a great year for many reasons.

  • I ended my work with Advent (Sports Marketing & Design) and took a new position with AirStrip (Health Care Technology). It was an opportunity to work with a company focused on improving health care in America, a passion of mine for many reasons, and I am excited about the challenge it presents me for the coming year.
  • I was able to get totally absorbed in the 2012 Elections and spend Election Night in Washington DC with NPR.
  • I was blessed to live in the 12South area of Nashville and get to spend countless hours in coffee shops and restaurants with friends, working on my laptop, reading issues of Garden & Gun and tons of blogs, and beginning a steady climb to consistently reading books again. 
  • I spent time with my parents eating lunches and dinners, having serious and hilarious conversations. It’s hard to overstate how fortunate I am to live in a town where they do and get to see them as often as I do.
  • I spent time with both of siblings and their spouses being adults together. I think it’s safe to say we’ve never been better friends than we are today. If you had asked me that fifteen years ago, I would told you this would never have been the case.
  • I was able to watch friends from all around the south, both high school and college, begin lives with their spouses. Even better, I was able to spend time with them and get to enjoy watching them become better people. Some of them added little family members, and I look forward to seeing them all become excellent parents.
  • I’ve been witness to friends and family taking big steps into the unknown, and watching some succeed and others struggle. New jobs, new homes, new lives, new cities, new dreams, new goals.

2012 had some disappointments, but these were far outweighed by the victories.

Although January is nearly done, I’ve set some goals for myself in 2013 that I hope to achieve and through which to become a better young man. Although they aren’t all necessarily life-changing, they will help me stay honest and work to hit the next level of personal growth.

  • I plan to complete one endurance race in 2013. 
  • I plan to eliminate all of my revolving debt (credit cards and car loans), then really start hitting the school loans and saving for some property.
  • I plan to quit using tobacco (easier said than done, but it’s a goal).
  • I plan to invest myself in a church body in Nashville.
  • I plan to fully commit to my work while maintaining a healthy work/life balance.
  • I plan to do whatever possible to get a start-up moving and a developed application working by the end of 2013.

Additionally, I am hoping to continue to be active politically in Nashville. This will be made easier thanks to an invitation to serve on committee to serve the city of Nashville as a member of the Nashville 2040 growth plan committee for engagement. I am looking forward to the opportunity to work to help Nashville become a city where people not only like to visit, but love to live and avoid leaving. We’ve got it pretty great here in Nashville, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be better.

So, there is my recap of 2012. There’s a lot to come in 2013, and I am anxiously awaiting a great year. I hope that you are too.


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One response to “The 2012 Recap”

  1. pacellaml says :

    I like your 2013 list. Cheers, my friend.

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