Election Night in DC – Between 7-8pm EST

So, the night started exactly how we expected it to:

  • Romney wins Indiana, Kentucky, Georgia, South Carolina, West Virginia
  • Obama wins Vermont

This is not news. What IS news is that exit polls from FL/OH are showing a close race. Now, we have to take these for what they’re worth, but there it is. Indiana flips back GOP from 2008, but that was the expectation based on reasonability and logic.

One note of fun: at one point, Obama was shown leading in SC with less than 1% of the total votes in. The thought of an Obama win in SC seemed like too much to believe. It was. Even as a group, we’re having trouble waiting on those state-wide results to get a little higher before we start getting excited about wins where no one, including Nate Silver, expects them.

Hour one, nearly over.


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