Election Night at NPR

For the twelve of you who read this blog, you might be interested to know that I’m heading to Washington DC tomorrow for an opportunity with NPR at their DC HQ.

Long story short, a friend recommended I submit a small portfolio of blogs and tweets to NPR for a chance to spend election night reporting with them from DC. Surprisingly, they asked me to join them to reporting my point of view that evening, so I’ll be heading that way tomorrow. If you’d like to follow along for the evening, I’ll be tweeting from @WBH_Politics (and when I inevitably get locked in twitter purgatory, from @WesHartline), Facebook occasionally, and blogging quite a bit right here.

You can also follow the other folks invited to be with NPR one election night by following this twitter list: https://twitter.com/ilovecharts/npr-election-day-team or this one: https://twitter.com/JuanSaaa/npr-election-night. There are some really interesting folks planning on attending, so that might be fun for you to follow.

Additionally, we’ll try to use some “Hashtags.” Those unfamiliar with Twitter may recognize these from your favorite TV shows or news broadcasts as simple text like #CNN, #FoxNews, #MSNBC or as statements like #RomneyRyan or #ObamaBiden. These links are searchable on Twitter, and our group will attempt to use one tomorrow night. I’ll post what that is when/if we land on one (it’s looking like it will be #nprMeetup). You can also follow what’s going on with NPR’s tumblr – http://nprbackchannel.tumblr.com/.

I am planning to do a couple of things tomorrow night Live from Washington DC. The first is to tweet consistently about the experience and what is going on.  Additionally, I’ve built a massive excel file to track forecasts versus actual results (thanks Freed-Hardeman, Lipscomb, The Little Clinic and AST for the excel experience). I’ll be reporting on simple changes from 2008 to 2012 numbers, on a state-by-state basis. This includes total votes, % of 2008 vote, etc. There has been an enormous amount of criticism of polling groups over the past two weeks, so I want to analyze who was closest, who was furthest off, and why they were so far off and why others were so close.

I may also try to host a live-chat via Cover-it-Live, but we’ll see. I’m not as sharp on how those work, so if you would like a live-chat to discuss the evenings events, let me know and I’ll set one up.


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3 responses to “Election Night at NPR”

  1. Terri says :

    Good luck Wes. Enjoy… i know you will do just great.

  2. Steve Evans says :

    Congratulations! I would be curious to hear about this experience.

  3. 20twenty20 says :

    Well Done Wes! That was a great night at NPR wasn’t it? Andy and the others did an outstanding job.

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