Why Wisconsin matters so much

There is a recall election taking place today in Wisconsin. Sitting Governor Scott Walker (R) is being challenged by Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett (D) after a bitter legislative session in 2011 that saw the collective bargaining “rights” of unions defeated (mainly for teachers unions). In the aftermath, a recall was announced.

As a result, Democrats across Wisconsin signed petitions to recall State Senators, Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch, and Governor Walker. This after Democrat State Senators fled the state like cowards, abandoning their responsibility as legislators to vote on bills presented to the State Senate. Classy. Nonetheless, the legislation passed and the liberals masses were enraged. Now, months of campaigning (Walker & Barrett) comes to a close.

This race has amassed a staggering amount of funds raised. Walker’s effort has raised more than $30 million, much of this from out of state. Keep in mind he took office in January of 2011, just seventeen months ago – and he raised $11 million in that 2010 election. This alone shows the significance of what it would mean to recall a sitting Governor, one who kept his promises, and one who has not trailed in any polls yet (though the race is tight, no doubt).

Shockingly, liberals in Wisconsin believe that Walker is too conservative because:

  • He opposes murdering unborn babies
  • He opposes embryonic stem cell research (though not adult stem cell research)
  • He supports abstinence-only sex education (it’s the only method guaranteed to produce no children)
  • He supports cutting income taxes for the folks who already pay nearly half of the income taxes in the USA
  • He supports cutting taxes for small businesses so they can hire more people (imagine that – more jobs)
  • He supports shrinking the size of government to save the people is Wisconsin money (what a jerk-face)
  • He supports capital gains tax cuts
  • He promised to turn down money from the Department of Transportation ($810 million of it) on principle, and then kept his word
  • He promised to grow jobs (250,000) and grew 10% of that in 2011. (Keep in mind he’s been fighting the Democrats the entire time, so his ability to focus on job creation has been harmed, not to mention dedicating time to a senseless recall).

The sadness behind this recall election is that Wisconsin needs people like Gov. Walker. People like Tom Barrett support policies that destroy, not create jobs. Barrett supports policies that give government more power, not less. Barrett supports policies that waste more, not less taxpayer money. Barrett supports organizations that take from, not give back to the people of Wisconsin.

Walker is right for Wisconsin today, just like he was in 2010, and just like he will be in 2014. I hope Wisconsin is wise and puts this thing to rest and lets Gov. Walker get back to work.


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