So, as we close out the evening of voting across the country, it looks like this… The GOP has a long, long, long way to the Convention. And it looks more likely to be a brokered convention, which is not good news.

In my opinion, Romney is weaker after tonight. As of right now (9pm CST), he isn’t winning Ohio outright (*Update*: Romney is now projected by Karl Rove to win Ohio, and I trust Rove over CNN). He won his home state of Massachusetts, Alaska, Virginia (without either Santorum or Gingrich on the ballot), and Vermont. He will also take Idaho based on results coming in.

Santorum wins Oklahoma, Tennessee and maybe Ohio (Update: wrong). He won North Dakota as well.

Gingrich wins his home state of Georgia, and little else. He’ll leave TN with some delegates (somewhere around 7 or so).

Call me a RINO, but this is a disaster scenario. A longer primary means more money spent to run against your own party rather than reminding America why our President is an abject failure. SuperPAC spending is already out of control, and we’re feeding liberal SuperPAC’s with plenty of ammunition.

GOP SuperPAC’s will be forced to overpay to advertise on Comedy Central, E! and MSNBC to explain to Americans why President Obama doesn’t deserve a second term. It’s going to take some serious educating. Some of those reasons include:

  • We’ll get to explain why they are paying double for gas, saving less for retirement, and being asked to cover 40% of Federal Government spending because our leadership can’t grasp that borrowing 40% of every dollar we spend isn’t a long-term strategy for success.
  • We’ll also get to explain why Egypy, Libya, Tunisia, Iran and every other Arab nation that saw protests during the Arab Spring aren’t any better off under his foreign policy leadership.
  • We’ll get to explain that although the Nobel committee found him deserving of a Nobel Peace Prize in his FIRST YEAR IN OFFICE, that his administrations’ overseeing the killing of bin Laden, Al-Awlaki and others still hasn’t reduced the hatred of terrorists around the world for the USA.
  • We’ll get to explain why the tax code is a wreck not only for the middle and lower class, but why the Federal Government is taking steps to start taking money away from the wealthy to pay down debts (aka, that pesky $15T hanging over our collective heads like an F5 tornado cloud), a debt that they have no responsibility to pay.
  • THE CHEVY VOLT. Enough said here I think…

The list goes on. But it takes lots of money to accomplish over months and months. All the while, the average American citizen isn’t paying enough attention to what is actually going on in politics. Instead, they want to know who gets voted off the island, who is going to hollywood, who is sleeping with someone again on the Jersey Shore and any other number of mind-numbingly stupid shows.

We need a swift resolution so we can start re-weaving the fabric of America.


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