2012 Academy Awards stuff

Tonight’s the night. The Oscars 2012. The Kodak Theatre. Billy Crystal. Lots of blah blah.

The movies take center-stage for me, and 2011 was a good year for film. I’ll post another longer post later this week (or month) about my top ten for the year. The delay stems from not every film in 2011 being available for viewing in Nashville like they are in LA or NYC. #SmallCityProblems

Award Predictions:

  • Film: The Artist (though Hugo was better)
  • Actor: Dujardin (though Clooney deserves it)
  • Actress: Streep (it was not a great year for female leads)
  • Supporting Actor: Plummer. Hands down.
  • Supporting Actress: Spencer (though Chastain deserves it twice for The Help and Tree of Life)
  • Animated: Rango? (Cars 2 wasn’t nominated, proving even Pixar can screw this one up)
  • Cinematography: My guess is Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (but Lubezki should win for Tree of Life)
  • Costume Design: of the three nomineesI saw, I’d say Hugo did best
  • Documentary Feature: Paradise Lost 3 (West Memphis 3 film)
  • Documentary Short: No clue. I didn’t get to see these.
  • Film Editing: The Artist
  • Foreign Language Film: A Separation (coming to Belcourt soon)
  • Makeup: Harry Potter
  • Music (Original Score): The Artist
  • Music (Original Song): Muppets
  • Short Film Animated: no clue
  • Short Film Live-Action: The Shore (I did see these at Belcourt: Raju, The Shore and Pentecost were really great)
  • Sound Editing: Drive
  • Sound Mixing: Hugo
  • Visual Effects: Harry Potter (though Rise of the Planet of the Apes will probably win)
  • Writing Adapted: Ides of March (though The Descendants’ Payne will likely take it home)
  • Writing Original: Midnight in Paris

So, those are my picks. If you watch tonight, you can follow me in what will likely be a live-tweeting session of the oscars on twitter: @WesHartline.


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