Education, and the lying liars discussing it

Public Education in America is a huge problem.

There is no amount of sensitivity training that can change that statement. During both my MBA program and my stint in healthcare, superiors and professors reminded their employees/students that there were no problems, only “opportunities.” Well, I would like to believe that most Americans can tell that our public education system is an absolute joke, and that we have an excellent “opportunity” to repair things. There’s just one problem…

Waiting for Superman.

Before I offend every teacher I know (and I have been known to do that before – Ashleigh, I’m still sorry) I want to preface this by saying I absolutely love film. Documentary film will always be a favorite. Because I live in Nashville, I’m often required to wait a few weeks when films like this premiere in larger cities and then make their way to the secondary markets. So, at the time of this writing, I haven’t even had a chance to see it. I will be going this weekend, and I am sure it will only serve to reinforce my beliefs about education.

Word about this film started spreading slowly and has been building over the past few months. When I saw the first few trailers for this movie, I was really looking forward to seeing it. Finally, a documentary about the sad state of education in America today. I started to read some of the commentary. Ebert (Sun-Times), Holden (NY Times), Gabriel (NY Times), Jones (HuffPO) and many more encourage readers to see the film. Even Peter King (CNNSI) gets in on the action. Each commentary discusses the nature of public education today in America and the now seemingly obvious effect that teachers’ unions have had and continue to have on the education of our children via public schools.

It reeks of total hypocrisy.

How very convenient of these writers to jump into the fray against unions, a war many have been fighting for decades. Many of these brilliant minds have been towing the liberal line for years, yet here they sit in judgement of the very groups that are heavily instrumental in electing officials (financed by unions) to office that, in turn, support the unions.

Peter King references the trouble with unions and then refuses to accept the fact that the unions are the problem, stating; “Forget what side of the fence you are on regarding unions, even though this movie indicts the system that makes it virtually impossible to fire bad unionized teachers and to reward great unionized ones. As in any walk of life, there are good teachers and bad ones.” In the span of two sentences, he correctly identifies the problem, then immediately apologizes for the unions and their perceived inability to fire bad teachers.

It is for this reason that our schools are in such disarray. Even when the cause is right in front of them, these absurd progressives blame these few terrible teachers rather than the unions that essentially keep them perpetually employed. I’d like to see these progressives call for the end of all unions. But, it won’t happen. They cannot stop. They are addicted to the money the unions provide their elected officials. Their desire for power is insatiable. So, instead we get to listen to the double-talk for the next 3 to 6 months until enough time has passed for them to forget the cause of the problem.

So, just in case you’ve already forgotten, let’s be clear: teachers’ unions are one of the primary causes (if not the primary cause) of poor public education in America. It’s up to clean up the mess the unions have created and take back our public education system. If you are looking for a leader, I would recommend looking no further that New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. He may not be the slickest political figure, but he can certainly illustrate the point.

Here is a short video from him on the teachers’ union in New Jersey. Enjoy.


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One response to “Education, and the lying liars discussing it”

  1. Jeff says :

    Great commentary. the Education world has been complaining about this documentary for weeks. Many of the educational professionals I follow on twitter continue to defend the unions. I would love to see the union defunded in TN. One way is to direct teachers dues toward a different source. Most teachers would love to not support the TEA/NEA but don’t want to lose that legal coverage. There are other professional organizations out there that provide this same coverage but teachers don’t even think to research those options. I’m not offended–but I’m also not a member of the union.

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