Lost the war, but what about the battles?

I’m sitting in a coffee shop and going through the evidence from the last eight months of my life. I’ve already deleted some of the web-material I stayed up countless night writing, editing, perfecting (?) and broadcasting. It’s not depressing; it’s more a lesson is making sure you know the voters of the area and that you do everything possible to get out the base of voters you expect to get out.

So, we lost the war, but I feel like we won some battles. To name a few:

1. Web traffic. A blog I managed and marketed for 7-8 months had nearly 9,500 visitors as of this morning. A website I marketed and managed had over 12,000 hits, more than half of which came in the past 5 weeks. I put together a twitter feed and facebook page that did ok.

2. Made waves. The one thing I keep hearing is that “When you decide to run, you’ll already have some name recognition you never would’ve had” and so on. When I decide to run. Good grief, it’s been 48 hours and I’m still trying to figure out what the hell happened.

3. Ran the cleanest of campaigns. There is no one that loves to dig in and figure out who people really are more than me. Google is my best friend. But, in our campaign, we stayed away from anything negative about the other candidates. We did not shy away from calling out bad positions or policies, but we never once attacked an opponent on any personal level.


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