One week away

Early voting in the 2010 GOP Primary election in Tennessee begins in six days. For nearly all of my readers, that is mostly meaningless to you.

My life feels like coming out of anesthesia right now. You know… that floating feeling, where you can’t really see straight, can’t feel your limbs, but you just know you should be feeling something else. Seriously. At the end of every day I feel as though I’m slipping back into anesthesia until I wake up, groggy and wondering where the last 24 hours went.


On another note, the thing I am enjoying the most right now are the personal attacks on my dad’s campaign. As opposed to running their campaigns, a few of the other folks just wait for us to say something, then waste precious hours developing attacks on what they’ve read/heard/seen. Then they go to the blog and post how they’d never vote for Jeff and will, obviously, be supporting xxx candidate.

The fun part is that when the same person replies over and over again as different people, you get to see the IP address. So, their failed attempts at a mass of support ends up looking like a pitiful display of whining. Thanks to the supporters of everyone else for reminding my why we don’t respond to most of the stuff you say. It’s all coming from one or two people. You don’t have the support you claim, and I sleep better knowing that.



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