Life as of late

News in the world of Wes:

1. I lost my job back in April. I’m waiting to go on full-time officially with my Dad’s campaign for Congress. In the past few weeks, things have really kicked into high gear. We’ve had some great response with the addition of a Finance Committee chairman. He’s brought a lot of local business leaders to the table to support my Dad and bring the campaign to the front of the pack.

2. I moved to a new place in February, and I have a friend moving in to help with the ol’ bills.

3. I’m ready to go back to DC and work on building the relationships with the folks I met up there last time. Although I’ve joked about how I don’t want to become a part of the problem by moving to DC, at this point I would consider it, because being there in the middle would be better than outside the beltway, I guess…

4. I’ve really enjoyed working on the campaign stuff. It might sound corny, but understand the process of how elections and campaigns work isn’t all that complicated; it’s making the right moves at the right time; almost chess-like.

5. I have two friends living it up in NYC right now, and I love that they’re doing it.

6. I have a lot of friends getting married this year, including my brother. I love all of these guys and girls dearly, and wish the best for them.

I think that’s all for now.


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