Vent City

It’s time to vent. Ignore this post. It’s going to be all over the place.

I am sick of people in positions of influence wimping out – I am sick of people in leadership positions being dishonest with the people around them – I am sick of seeing friends abused in their work situations – I am worn out with illogical arguments – I am a bit frustrated with feeling like life is just passing me by while other friends succeed

Ok, thats enough.


One response to “Vent City”

  1. Megan says :

    I believe in few things aside from hard work. Work hard enough long enough, and amazing things happen. I type this from a coffee shop Greenwich Village in NYC. I miss you. I wish you were coffeeing across from me, so we could finish our hard work and go grab a glass of wine at a jazz bar.

    OK. I’m done now.

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