Don’t blame me…

Blame her – Biz. She’s the one who got me back into politics.

In all fairness, it only took one phone call. Biz called me this past September to tell me about an event being held for Bill Haslam, the Mayor from Knoxville, TN. At the time, he was “considering” a run for Governor of Tennessee. His campaign committee was hosting an event at Cabana in Hillsboro Village for young professionals in the Nashville area to come and meet Bill and find out about him. I went, I met Mayor Haslam, and I got involved again.Then my Dad decided to run for Congress. And so, if you spend any time with me today, the conversation inevitably turns to politics at some point. It happened on occasion during the past couple of years, but hardly like it has over the past 4 months.

A little backstory might help you get a better understanding of who I am. If it isn’t painfully obvious by now, I was raised in a home where Republican values ran wild. I can vividly remember staying up late in November of 1991 for the Clinton/Bush election. I remember sitting on the sofa, wishing I could move to another country when they announced that Clinton/Gore would be our next President and Vice-President. Imagine, 8 years old and upset that a Democrat had been elected. What was I thinking?

Throughout my high school and college years, I spent a lot of time keeping up with politics. I remember working phone banks in 2000 with homeschool friends. I remember driving home from college during the 2004 election to cast my first vote in an election. And then something changed.

If you knew me in 2008, it wasn’t what I would call a glorious year. It was actually somewhat ugly. I was largely uninterested in most of what was going on. I knew I didn’t like Hillary or Obama, but beyond that I didn’t really care. I didn’t even register to vote after I had moved into a new home because I just didn’t care.

And here we are now. It’s 2010, and I’ve never read more political information in my life. So, if you’re fed up with my new passion, you can blame Biz. Please don’t though. I’ll hear about it eventually.


One response to “Don’t blame me…”

  1. Biz says :

    go ahead. i’ll take all the blame. i guess i’ve aided in creating an innovative, free-thinking, culturally and socially intelligent individual.

    just remember me when your a big shot on the hill…


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