In an interesting life twist, the past two weeks have been something of a whirlwind.

Last weekend in March – My sister, who I wrote about in my last post, was nearly 8 months pregnant and went to the hospital thinking she was in labor. It was a false alarm, and she went home to let the little guy cook a bit longer so his little lungs would be more ready to tackle the business of breathing.

Last Monday (3/29) – I went to meet my Dad at Vanderbilt University to hear Congressman Marsha Blackburn speak (Yes, I realise she is a female and so calling her “congressman” seems odd, but that’s how she prefers to have it said, so I do). She was sick and unable to attend. While waiting for the speaker, I informed my Dad that I had received a call from my corporate office about an important conference call I needed to be a part of the following morning. Sensing some stress at work, I added things up and decided I would be laid off that next morning. Dad was encouraging and said to let him know what happened.

Tuesday – I was right. Layoffs. Quite a few actually. So, my last official day would be Friday and I would begin looking for new work immediately. In the worst job market in 30 years. Excellent.

Wednesday through Friday – spend most of the days removing stuff from the work laptop, getting all of my consulting files and other personal stuff off of the laptop. Had a final meeting with my boss for Lunch and that was that. Thanks for 2.5 years TLC. *** These days could’ve been awful. BUT, the best thing possible happened during these three days. My sister had her 3rd son, Owen Wesley Holland, and he is simply perfect. 3 weeks early from his scheduled delivery on my birthday, he came and we share a name. He’s the best early birthday gift of all time. ***

Sunday – Easter has always been a big deal in my family. When I was younger, our extended family from Georgia would make their way to Nashville for “Lads to Leaders” – a church of Christ convention where young kids compete about Bible stuff. We would always share a lunch and spend time catching up with as many people as our little house in Antioch would hold. Later, the Brentwood house made the process easier, but the people were the same and it was always awesome.

The tradition that has held for 20 years includes a Sunrise Service that takes place every year at Percy Priest lake early on Easter Sunday morning. I’ve missed it maybe three times in 20 years. Twice in college, and once while I was traveling in Europe. This year was no exception. It was a great way to begin the day, and it was filled with great people, worship and time to remember why it’s all possible.

So, the job search is now in full swing. Some leads this week, but the obvious concern is that it’ll take 5-6 months to find something new. I sure hope not.


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