Medical Marvels

I am sure there are people that knew this before reading it here, but I didn’t, so I will share it with the segment of population that doesn’t follow obstetric/gynecological medicine very closely. To those of you that do follow that area of medicine, you may as well move along…

Saturday night I got a phone call from my mother letting me know that she was with my sister, who happens to be 8 months pregnant, and they were on the way to the hospital. She was in a labor-&-contractions-sort-of-thing, but the little guy was about 4 weeks early, so they figured a hospital trip was a good call.

DID YOU KNOW – they can literally stop a labor-in-progress with medicine? I didn’t know that. But that’s what the doctors and nurses did for my sister. She is at 36 weeks today, and the doctor didn’t want her giving labor before we was 36 weeks along. So, a few injections and she basically stopped having the baby.

That’s incredible. How much is that worth to a woman? “Well, this little person is acting like their ready to join us in the living world, but we think it’d be best to let em’ cook a little longer.” “Oh, you can do that?” “Yep, sure can. Just hold tight.” So, at this point, both my family and her husband’s family are awaiting a phone call at any moment saying she’s on her way back to the hospital, and this time they won’t be stopping the little one.

She’s ready. I am as well. It’s really great to have these little ones around. I cannot imagine a better early birthday gift than an Easter baby. We’ll see if that’s what the plan has been all along soon enough.


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