Democracy in action

This week members of the media (both the left and right) are encouraging Americans to contact their representatives in Congress to hear their views on this bill known as “health-care reform.” Personally, I don’t like the bill, but that won’t surprise any of the four of you that read this blog. However, there is no more important time to exercise our rights to a democratic process than now. Inform your politicians of your views so that they can make a truly informed decision.

Of course, don’t call them if you have no idea what is at stake and are completely absent the political process. Also, don’t call if you think money grows on trees or that 100% of people with no health care cannot afford it. And don’t call if you think our goverment is doing a pretty good job or you think Obama is the best President we’ve ever had or will ever have.

I was quite clear in 2008 about my decision to abstain from voting as I felt both candidates were seriously flawed and the next four years would likely be a disaster regardless of who was in office.

Now, I am picking up the flag and running toward the battlefield. Contact your representatives. I’ve emailed/called the White House and my Congressional Representative (Jim Cooper). I oppose this bill. It’s an absolute disaster for Americans interested in small government, low taxes, and basically keeping what constitutional rights they have left.


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