I’m a moderate…and I think Glenn Beck is absurd

That’s all there is to it.

The interwebs are up-in-arms over Beck’s statements this week on his FoxNews show regarding what he percieves as the problem of churches and “social justice.” Beck stated that “social justice” programs have a communist/nazi agenda.

For all of the discussion on separation of Church and State in America, we now have Glenn trying to encourage church-goers in America to discourage churches from choosing their own outreach opportunities. I seriously doubt he would oppose a church supporting the social justice of Habitat for Humanity or a local Homeless Mission.

I haven’t seen the entire broadcast, so I cannot say definitively that he is off-base. I do think his comments are inflammatory. I am not a big fan of his anyway. His emotional delivery of opinion/fact is really offensive to me. It’s one thing to present an informed opinion (whether I like it or not) about issues/current events. It’s entirely different to literally weep on-air about the the American citizen and their struggles and then denounce churches that support “social justice” programs.

I, for one, support the idea of social justice and human rights. I choose to support the pro-life movement because I believe that a fetus is a human life, and that it has rights. I choose to support Habitat for Humanity because I believe people need places to live (I don’t think they have a “right” to housing, but that’s an entirely different discussion). I’m not a nazi. Almost all of my friends would affirm that I am not a communist. Supporting these programs doesn’t make me either of those things.

The problem I have with most liberally-minded Americans is this: if he were to make a reasonable argument for something, the HuffingtonPost wouldn’t write anything about it nor would The New Republic link to the video and say “this is really true, and we should all listen.”

Just something to consider.


3 responses to “I’m a moderate…and I think Glenn Beck is absurd”

  1. Testing, testing....... says :

    Obviously, I agree with you pretty much down the time. Just in response to the last paragraph:http://www.huffingtonpost.com/ryan-mack/senator-bunning-is-right_b_483248.htmlI just happened to read this the other day. It certainly is the exception to the rule (and certainly doesn't REALLY paint him as a hero) but it does agree with a Conservative. Albeit one who conservatives didn't agree with.

  2. Wes Hartline says :

    Did you see that on the http://www.signersandframers.com blog? I put that link on there for the Senator Bunning post we did. xoxo

  3. Keith L. says :

    I am a constitutional conservative and have been a fan of Beck since before his TV career. However, after his Chris Matthews-style drive-by attack on Debra Medina in TX, I am DONE with this clown. Medina was soaring in the polls against Rick Perry until his little stunt. You can tell early in the interview that Glen had an agenda, (listen to the interview here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2SxWWVfIlYI&feature=PlayList&p=784EC2F91AC905DB&index=0&playnext=1).

    Rick Perry is straight out of the school of rhino-politics. Medina is a true conservative and Texas made a huge mistake.

    Beck is like the guy on your baseball team that’s a great player, does great things, but his mouth gets him in trouble and he doesn’t know when to shut up. I agree with Mark Levin on Beck, take off the clown mask and stop playing footsie with the mainstream media before you do some real damage.

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