Right now I’m in the middle of trying to find a workable balance for my life.

I am really finding this difficult. I think it should be simple, but it really isn’t. Work is taking over more of life than I am ok with (at least for the amount of money it is bringing in). My family and friends therefore get less time. My personal well-being takes a hit, as do the things I enjoy doing by myself (movies, guitar, reading).

I’m trying to make time to read each day, and so far it’s been the best thing for me. I forget how much I enjoy reading about things most of my friends would rather not discuss. I forget how much better I feel about myself. It may sound haughty or trite, but I like to read about things that require critical thought rather than to read for escape. It recharges my mind.

This search for balance is still proving a failure at this point. Although I want the balance, I don’t want to give up the things putting it out of balance. Shocker. Even so, I am going to continue working at developing a sense of balance, or some semblance of it within my life. You’re all welcome to come along if you like.



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