The season of sacrifice

Well, it’s that time of year once again. The season of Lent.

If you don’t know what it is, you should check it out.

Last year can only be accurately described as some unbelievable failure, like Obama’s first year in office or the Atlanta Braves of the past 20 years. In 2009, I lasted only three days without taking a sip of alcohol or smoking any form of tobacco. Granted, I discovered that during Lent last year I would be spending ten days abroad in Belgium, France, Italy and Spain, so the thought of enduring that trip without drinking a sip of wine or smoking an American Spirit while walking to the Eiffel Tower seemed absurd. Even so, I gave up without a whimper and didn’t think twice about it. My heart was in a different place then.
This year, I have no vacation planned during Lent. Not that it would stop me this time. I am committed. So, in keeping with the spirit of the season, I enter my own personal “desert.”
Here are my committments:
1. No alcohol of any form.
2. No smoking of any tobacco.
3. No carbonated drinks of any kind.
4. Some form of exercise every day (thanks to Baker for reminding me how awful running every day would be).
5. Some form of reading every day from an actual book. Blogs, newspapers, etc. do not count.
6. Time in the Word every day and intentional prayer.
I am hopeful that this will bring about some important things in my life. I have been challenged (appropriately so) by my church to make a more significant commitment to being involved. I am giving thought to moving to a number of new places yet again. I am spending serious time with my family. I want to come out of this 46 day period with a renewed focus on the important things and with a more balanced life.
It’s long past due. A friend mentioned the following words tonight: “It’s time to grow up, you know?” It was related to something different for him, but the message still rings true. It’s time to grow up.

2 responses to “The season of sacrifice”

  1. CaRoLiNe says :

    Um, HELLO – why have I not been invited to view your blog??I totally love this entry. I, too, view Lent so differenly this year and have also committed to several of the same things on your list (I don't partake of cancer sticks, though, so that's not on it).I just have this feeling that this past year, which has been SO HARD, is NOT the real test…the real test, is what happens when life gets "good" again. At least for me. I am going to use this desert time to nail the lessons I've learned to outposts in my head; I feel that the other side of Lent is going to look a WHOLE lot different than this side. And I want to be prepared. Take care =)- C

  2. Wes Hartline says :

    Thanks Caroline. You're kind to say those things. I feel the same way. I'm being prepared for something, so it's time to grow up and make sure I am doing the right things to get ready…Who knows what it will be, but I better be ready.

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