New York, New York

In my most recent post, I lamented my worries associated with travel. I have a hard time taking the time to get away from the pieces of my life that require attention (aka, work, family, etc.).

Well, I went to New York City this past weekend for about 4 full days of fun and friends. It really was a great trip. Betsy, Brian, Daniel, JT, Megan and I flew out early Thursday morning through Chicago headed to Laguardia for a long weekend of the city. Chad flew up Friday to meet us, and Grant drove up from D.C. to spend a couple of days as well.

We had a really fun time all together. The following is a short summary of what we accomplished during the trip.

4am wake-up, BNA-coffee, Midway-layover, mid-day cocktails, Laguardia, Illegal Cab ride, Brooklyn Bridge, Check-in, Empire State Building (Freezing), Maui Tacos, $ confusion, NBA Game/Sleep, JohnStreet Bar&Grill, Starbucks, SoHo, NoHo, NYU, Chinatown, Little Italy, Manhattan Bistro, MoMA, Positano Ristorante, Bleeker Street Bar, Chipotle, Grand Central, Cartier, The Met Museum, Butter, ridiculousness, Brooklyn Tabernacle Church, Brooklyn, Century21, Central Park, Luncheonette, Sunny Chinese Cuisine, Doc Watsons, Always Sunny, Bagels, East River, Lower Manhattan, amazing Pizza, train-bus to Laguardia, layover in Baltimore, and finally home to a snowy Nashville….

It was a truly good trip.



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