the vacation blues…

This happens to me everytime before I go out of town…

I start thinking about all of the things I need to do while I am out of town and consider just telling my friends to go on without me and have a great time. This morning I’ve had this awful feeling in my stomach like I’m forgetting something huge I have committed to doing… I cannot stand the anxiety. I realize it comes across as whiny and ungrateful – I know I am lucky to be able to travel like this. My parents haven’t done a trip like this in ages. I’ve done 3 in a year’s time.

I did this before my Europe trip this last April, before the LA trip in August, before the trip to the Mountains in December, etc. It won’t stop. I am 99% sure I’m clear to go, but I don’t like this feeling.

All in all, I will get on the plane in the am and everything will be fine. I just want to be excited about it now as opposed to once I get there. Flying over NYC into Laguardia will probably be just what I need to get excited.



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