Here we go…

So, it’s been 12 hours since I walked into my parents home in good ol’ Mount Juliet to see my dad perched on the sofa, watching election results pour in from Massachusetts. Mom came down ready to work on Dad’s campaign stuff, and the general mood of the house was totally different than it had been the night before.

There’s no telling how much more motivated my dad is now to run for this district in TN. The fact that a guy from the State Senate in MA could literally throw together a campaign in 4 months, raise over $5M in funds, and then proceed to win an election in one of the most democrat-heavy states in the union… well, let’s just say that not one single seat in the House is safe.

Here’s hoping that the writing, editing, late nights, disrespect of parents, way too much coffee, etc etc etc all end up being worth it.

On a far worse note, I discovered that if my dad were to win the election, I won’t be able to work with/for him in D.C. due to ethics laws. I understand them, but I don’t like them. A friend in D.C. speculated that I could get a job working with another Rep. or Senator, but why would I want to do that?

Oh well. We can run across that bridge when we get there.



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