I love my family

I have one of the best family-units around.

I have parents willing to let their 26 year old son crash on a sofa until his apartment is ready to be lived in. I have a younger brother that puts up with me in more ways than one. And I have an older sister that works like crazy along with managing 2.5 boys with a third on the way.

My family also has the ability to make me laugh at any moment. Case in point? Today my sister called me on my way into Nashville for a meeting to talk about some pictures for my Dad. We were talking about how to get them from her computer to mine without much effort. I asked if she had a memory-stick to use, and she sounded confused. Then she replied, and I quote “Oh, you mean do I have a bee-doo? Yeah, I can use that.”

In case you don’t know what that is, allow me to explain. In college, all students at FHU needed a memory-stick for classes and other things. I bought one, plugged it into the PC, and the speakers were up full blast. “BEE-DOO” is the sound the PC makes when you insert something into the USB drive. Well, I got into the habit of just calling the memory-stick a Bee-Doo. The family picked up on it, and now that’s all we call it.

I laughed out loud driving in for a good five minutes. I love my family.



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