14 days – New York City round two

I have been wanting to make a fun trip since I got back from Europe in April a priority. I haven’t done a very good job of that, but with the help of 5 friends and Southwest Airlines, I will be off to New York in a few days.

I really cannot wait. If you know anything about me, I think you’ll know a couple of main things.

1. I do not do simple life very well. Quiet is often more disracting than everyday distractions that I have learned to ignore. New York is my kind of place.
2. I do not do rural-life very well. Don’t get me wrong, I love camping, hiking and all of those things. I just like them in doses, the way “Stuff-White-People-Like” categorizes it. Country pastures aren’t very fun to me.
3. I love adventure. My favorite trips of my life have been where I arranged to be gone for a certain time, and then just went with it. Utah & Colorardo in 2007, and Europe in 2009 were the best. No definite plans: let’s just see where we end up. Awesome.

So, New York is going to be a fun trip.



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