Hard work pays off in the end, right?

I remember reading a lot of stories when I was younger about people who made their way to the top through hard work.

Well, if shoveling coal or sweeping streets was crap work back in the day, it makes me believe that our modern-day equivalent has to be data entry.

There is no more menial task than that of transferring information from one source to another. It’s like the “raking leaves” of business, without the eventual jumping into the leaves that makes the effort worth it. I won’t be jumping into any shredded paper for fun when this is over.

Or maybe I will, in the form of lots of confetti (recycled of course). Still, data entry is why I am up at nearly 1 am showing no signs of slowing down. Emails, names, addresses, etc. It’s all important, and it is a key part of big things going on right now… and yet, no one wants to do the work. Who will help me raise the money? Who will help me lick the envelopes?

And so it goes….



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