Snowfall vs. Nofall

I’ve found a place to live (finally) that meets the criteria I had in mind before the whole search began.

First, it needed to be in the OakHill-ForestHills-GreenHills area if at all possible. Too much of my life goes on in this area of town, and to move away from it would be troubling (for now). Second, I wasn’t going to pay too much for a place not worth it. Third, I refused to live with more than one other person. Last, I wanted to be able to live simply and pay off as much of my debt as possible. It looks like the new place will meet all of those criterion.

What’s better than finding a place is being at peace. I am at peace about the spot and the expenses and all that goes along with it. I am sitting in PortlandBrew on 12thS working and watching what we like to call snow in Nashville fall and rest gently on the roofs and sidewalks across the street. It’s just peaceful.

What makes it better is listening to the Wailin’ Jennys and working and being productive and feeling worthwhile again.



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