It’s all happening

Today has been a day of new challenges.

I’ve been looking for a place to live for about 2 months and am still struggling to find something fitting the budget and in a certain area. I think I may have finally nailed down something possible; now I just need to lock down a roommate. Or get a raise. That’d be nice.

On a bigger note, my dad officially resigned his job today to pursue a dream of his. He’s putting it all on the line and making a run at the 5th District of TN for the Congressional seat in Washington D.C. against a heavily favored incumbent. This should make for an interesting 11 months. I’ll be helping him out as much as my job will allow, but I have the overwhelming feeling that it’s going to be a rough road. More for him than for me, but still. Interesting to say the very least.

I have some good friends in Lance and Adam for letting me crash at their house for the better part of a month in return for very little. The occasional pack of cigarettes and bottle of liquor have been sufficient for now, but I think my time there is beginning to draw to a necessary end. So, in a day’s time, I hope to be well on my way into a new place and drawing up some simple plans for my dad and his campaign.



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