Top Ten for 2007 – Film

2007 was a great year for Film. There were at least 15 movies I saw multiple times, whereas in 2006 there may have been 5 or 6 I saw more than once.

So, before I begin, I need to preface this by listing the films I still have not seen from 2007 (and want to see… some I will pass on watching because they appear to be garbage).
– I’m Not There
– 4 Months, 3 Weeks, 2 Days
– The Great Debaters
– Elizabeth: The Golden Age
– La Vie En Rose

First up, the Honorable Mention films of 2007.

There were a few movies I would like to sneak into my Top Ten, but something else just pushed it out… Here they are in no particular order, some with a reason why I loved them.

There Will Be Blood – Daniel Day-Lewis is insane in this movie. He may be the greatest male actor of his generation. Also, Paul Dano is an excellent addition to this movie. his career with Little Miss Sunshine and TWBB should really begin taking off.
In The Valley of Elah – Tommy Lee Jones might play the best roughneck character in cinema today. It used to be Robert Duvall, but TLJ is owning it right now with ITVOE and NCFOM. Excellent story, great acting.
2 Days in Paris – Adam Goldberg and Julie Delpy are great in this indie film. Neurotic enough to seem like a genuine relationship. It ends unlike the majority of films similar to it; sad, but good.
Atonement – Good, but I left the movie feeling very much like I had been lied to.
Zodiac – Way too long, but still really good. Intense.
Reign Over Me – Sandler and Cheadle. Don Cheadle is way better.
Fracture – Gosling and Hopkins. It had possibilities, but it seems really choppy. Still a fun watch.
Knocked Up – Apatow is the new king of comedy in Hollywood.
Ocean’s 13 – Who doesn’t love a heist? I know I do.
Bourne Ultimatum – Great ending(?) to this series of films. It’s time for Matt Damon to start writing movies again.
Death at a Funeral – Hilarious Brit comedy. Great cast, great story, good laughs.
3:10 to Yuma – Bale and Crowe are both excellent in this. Great performance by Ben Foster, crazy henchman guy.
Across the Universe – I love the Beatles, and I loved this movie. Watched it no less than 5 times.
Into The Wild – Hirsch is great in this one. Great small roles by Vince Vaughn and Catherine Keener. Soundtrack was weird to me… Eddie Vedder? Really?
Darjeeling Limited – Liked it, but it’s no Rushmore or Bottle Rocket.
Lars and the Real Girl – Ryan Gosling is choosing great projects. Too bad no one is seeing them.
Things we Lost in the Fire – Halle Berry and Benicio are great in this one. Again, no one seemed to see it. Great story though. Tragic and redeeming, all rolled into one.
August Rush – This year was heavy on Music film, but this one had me captivated. Great description of how some lucky people feel about music.
I am Legend – Not a huge Will Smith fan, but this was an intense movie with a predictable ending.
The Counterfeiters – A WWII film, won for Best Foreign in 2007. It was good, hard to watch though. Most should see it.
Talk to Me – Don Cheadle plays Petey Greene, a radio DJ in Washington DC that help shape culture during the 1960’s and 70’s. AWESOME movie… it came out too early in the year for Oscar buzz, but he deserved a nomination for his portrayal for sure.
Charlie Wilson’s War – This is my #11 for 2007. I just cannot find one movie to bump out of my Top Ten…..

Now, the Top Ten.

10. American Gangster – Russell Crowe and Denzel Washington. This had great written on it from the first scene. Washington is good in this film, but Crowe was vastly underrated in this movie. Great performance. Also, Josh Brolin plays a great crooked cop.
9. Waitress – Keri Russeel is great in this one. Also, the final work from Director/Actor Adrienne Shelly who wrote/directed/acted this film. Easy to like, and just a fun movie.
8. Gone Baby Gone – Casey Affleck had a great year. This film, plus Ocean’s 13 and The Assassination of Jessee James continue to boost his credibility as the better Affleck actor. Ben does an excellent job with this screenplay, but Casey really shines in this one. One of my early picks for Best Picture.
7. Ratatouille – They just keep coming. Great films from Brad Bird and his gang.
6. Superbad – Apatow kills it with this one. I don’t remember laughing so hard in a movie ever. Jonah Hill and Michael Cera might be the funniest actors of my generation.
5. The Diving Bell and the Butterfly. Matthieu Almaric is awesome, I mean awesome, in this one. How do you act when you character is immobile? He shows how. A great story, and I want to read the novel now. Another of my choices for Best Picture.
4. No Country for Old Men – Joel and Ethan Coen. Enough said. This cast (Brolin, Jones, Harrelson, and of course Bardem) is amazing, the story compelling, the intensity incredible. Another Best Picture selection of mine.
3. Juno – Ellen Page is rapidly moving up the list of my favorite actresses. In 3 years, she has done some great work. Page, along with Garner, Bateman and Cera, have created an indie-ish masterpiece.
2. Once – When I saw this in the spring, it was my choice for Best Picture. It still was in December. Best movie released in 2007. Go see it. Hansard and Irglova are incredible. Most realistic music film in years. It has all of the pieces.
1. Michael Clayton – This was my favorite, and one of my top five choice for Best Picture (though not my pick, see #2). George Clooney has come such a long way from Dr. Greene on ER in the 1990’s. His last 8 years of film could rival nearly any other major actor for great work. This one is his crowning achievement in my mind. An intense, thrilling, emotional film with great performances from Swinton, Wilkinson, Pollack, etc.

So, there is my list for 2007. Totally my opinion, so disagree if you must. It’s cool.


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