A season of perfection…

Growing up in the south, my summers consisted of a few constants: baseball games twice a week, playing outside until dark… and lots of homemade ice cream. It’s a good thing too, otherwise I might be some maligned adult now who has no love for the simpler things in life.

This summer has been such an amazing season. A season of perfection.

When I graduated from college, I moved back to Nashville because I didn’t want to be anywhere else. My family is here and my sister was near term in her first pregnancy. I didn’t want to miss the birth of a nephew so I made the decision to settle in here. For a while, the idea of lots of good friends seemed impossible. How can one possibly start anew when nearly all of your high school friends, close friends, have begun their lives in other places?

It’s been two years since graduation, and life has shocked me. Meeting other young adults and becoming close friends has become a close second to the reasons I love Nashville and living here. Spending nearly every day in a summer with good friends has become one of my favorite pastimes. Grilling out, sitting outside, sharing a cold drink on the porch, camping, fishing…and the list goes on. What more can someone REALLY NEED when you have close friends and fun for an entire summer.

I cannot think of a better way to spend a summer.


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