How often do you find the right person?


That is the name of the movie. Once. The tag line had my interest piqued when I saw the trailer; enough to encourage me to see it. When the reviews began to pour in and Sundance gave the film the Audience Award for World Cinema – Dramatic, I knew I would be going to see it as soon as it hit Nashville.

I wish I could have seen it sooner.

In a time when movies are filled with million dollar budgets, awful plots and scripts, worse acting, and computer generated sequences that last 10 minutes, this movie restored my faith in the film industry. It is possible to make a meaningful film without a $200 Million dollar budget or tons of CGI and bad acting but with a script and plot that make you feel as though you might be watching a true autobiography.

This film (which was made for around $150,000 US) is easily the best film I have seen this year. Glen Hansard, who plays ‘The Guy’, is a Damien Rice-like singer with some truly compelling song-writing skill (at least for this movie). He meets a woman who becomes a muse of sorts for him and his writing and music career begin to show some serious promise. The movie is filmed wide-lensed, so it has a very ‘Documentary-like’ feel to it, but still the shots are so well done that at times I forgot it was so shaky.

I don’t want to give anything away except to say that if you are a music lover, or a lover of the idea of finding love then you must go see this film. Once. How often……


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