In recent news….

My sister has a new son. That means I have a new nephew. Lucas Heath Holland was born on June 11th around 8:30 am. He is awesome, and has made me an uncle for the second time. It is truly amazing how a child can put life into perspective. When he came into the world, everything changed for my family. My sister now has two sons, my parents became grandparents again, my nephew Levi now has a little brother. Life will never be the same. Moreover, it certainly puts thing into perspective.

I also quit my job consulting for a health care company and went back to Draper Jewelry to help my aunt run the store. While it is a move I didn’t plan on making, it should help me to get back on my track of an MBA and some financial certifications for future work I would like to do. Just for the record, I do still plan on pursuing a public office of some sort in the future, so any advice you might have on that would be appreciated… that is, unless it is “Don’t do it” or “You’ll never make it.”

That’s all I have for now. More to follow as information presents itself.


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