Giving it a shot…

This is my first attempt at a public blog.

I am trying to find a forum to express opinion on current events, issues, and random stuff. This seems like the place.

A little background might help understand some of the things I consider important and also the things I consider inane. I was born in Atlanta, GA and moved to Nashville when I was 4 or 5. My family is fairly conservative and I was raised in a Christian home. I attended university at a very conservative religious school and graduated in May of 2005. I left college totally confused when it came to life in general. My degree in Finance seems a bit worthless at this stage of life, but I am working on that.

Now, I live in Nashville and am looking to continue my education either in Law School or with an MBA and some financial certifications.

I thought I was fairly conservative growing up, but I have decided I have more moderate leanings in regard to life. I will go into more detail on these when I get the chance. I hope you will all check this out on occasion and see what you think about these opinions.


One response to “Giving it a shot…”

  1. betsy says :

    just saw this. i’ll be interested to read what you put up.

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