Internet Gambling: is it really a moral dilemma?

Sheldon Adelson is a wealthy individual. Forbes currently has him listed at #8 on their top 100 wealthiest people in the world, with a net worth of ~39.5B. Mr. Adelson has done exceedingly well for himself, having built a casino empire after dropping out of college.

While Adelson is extremely wealthy, he is likely more well-known for his involvement in national politics, more specifically conservative politics. He’s given literally tens of millions of dollars to conservative causes. He and his wife spent $92M on the 2012 GOP primary and general election. For what its worth, he has also given tens of millions to traditional charitable causes.

Recently, Adelson was quoted as saying the following in relation to ending the morally suspect problem of internet gambling:

I am willing to spend whatever it takes

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A True Detective recap, or why the internet nearly ruined this show

I am a fan of the programming on HBO.

It probably started by watching Sex and The City with girls in college (a terrible choice on multiple levels) and then moved onto Entourage (arguably a terrible choice) which is still a very guilty pleasure of mine. I love Band of Brothers, The Pacific, John Adams, and many more of the mini-series made possible by HBO. Factor in shows like The Wire, The Sopranos, Game of Thrones, The Newsroom, Real Sports, Boardwalk Empire, Treme, even Real Time with Bill Maher, and you’ve got some of the best story-telling available on one channel.

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The Gender Wage Gap and the problem for Feminism

Recently, President Obama referenced the so-called “Wage Gap” during his State of the Union speech. And whether or not you like it, there’s good reason. It’s a popular topic for those pursuing total fairness in America (and globally).

The challenge the White House currently faces with this issue is that it’s incredibly difficult to pin down exactly why it appears that women consistently make less money than men. Despite continuing to play a larger role as a percentage of the workforce and leading men in attending college, graduating with an associates or bachelors degree, MA, Professional or Doctorate degrees, the belief within the Obama Administration is that women continue to make considerably less money than men.

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Let’s recap the 2014 State of the Union address

In the spirit of Rep. Joe Wilson (R) of South Carolina.

But seriously, repeating the same goals with no plan for execution is incredibly disappointing… Read More…

The Year in Film – 2013

Time for the annual trip down memory lane where I recap my favorite films of the year. The only requirements for ending up on this list are that it has to have been released in 2013, and I have to have actually seen it.

One of my favorite end-of-the-year activities is reading through screenplays made available online by studios, agencies, writers, and other folks. Here is a great list from the team behind The Black List. You should read about what they’re doing for writers, and check out their 2013 Blacklist. This is the best place to find the stories that will likely be heading to a theatre near you over the next couple if years, the ones that often come from out of nowhere to win Oscar’s.

Before I get into the films I loved this year, here’s a short list of films I haven’t been able to see just yet that I really want to see [UPDATED 1/3/2014], [UPDATED 1/19/2014]. Read More…

Be the NashvilleNext Mayor!

The NashvilleNext movement is moving forward, and there is a new way to get involved. And it’s happening right now.

Here’s a note from the folks running the show about the events happening this week through the end of the month.

Community input at public meetings around the city this month will help decide what our city should focus on as we create a plan for Metro Nashville’s future. Conversations in South Nashville and Madison this week have gotten the process started – join us at one or more of the events listed below and share what you would do if you were the “NashvilleNext Mayor.”

Childcare and snacks are provided!


Please consider attending one of these events if you can. It’s a great opportunity for Nashvillians to get involved, assuming you want to or care about  the future of our fair city.

Seriously though, give it a thought! I’m planning to try and hit the Thursday event this week.

American Ignorance, or why civil liberties matter

America celebrated July 4th this past Thursday.

Let freedom ring, right? The above video was taken July 4th in Murfreesboro, TN at a DUI Checkpoint.

People may argue for hours about whether or not refusing to roll down a window any further was justification for the actions by law enforcement in the video. That’s not the point of this conversation.

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